A monthly dinner club for the leaders, builders, and entrepreneurs in Silicon Slopes.

With the maturation of Utah's startup and tech community, we're fortunate to have so many events to choose from where we can learn and grow in our careers.

Dinner Club is an opportunity to consistently connect in a more intimate environment to create meaningful and lasting relationships with fellow leaders.

As a member, you'll receive an invitation to attend one monthly dinner. You will be matched with seven other members for every dinner. The date, menu, location, and the members who will attend your dinner change monthly. We know you're busy, and your time is valuable, which is why we'll give you all of the necessary information at least a month in advance of each dinner.

Our intention is always to make Silicon Slopes open and accessible to everyone. To extract as much value out of your membership as possible, we need to be able to meticulously curate each dinner to ensure peers and mentors sit with you at each dinner. As such, a cost is associated with membership (to pay for the food and space), and you must submit an application for consideration.

See you at the dinner table!

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